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Steps in the Sale of Your Home








 1.             THE LISTING PROCESS


                  I will:



                  a.   Prepare a Competitive Marketing analysis of your home.


                  b.   Determine the best possible price in today’s market.


                  c.   Complete and review the listing agreement with you.


                  d.   Prepare your home for sale.  I will spend as much time as needed going over the entire property with you, both inside and outside.  I will make a list, with  you, of suggestions and recommendations about your home so that it will be seen at its highest perceived value while competing in the marketplace.


                  e.   Install lockbox, brochure box, and our exclusive “For Sale” sign.



 2.             MY MARKETING PROCESS


                  I will:



                  a.    Office Tour:  Personally conduct a tour of your home for Real Estate agents.


                  b.   The Multiple Listing Service:  Professionally represent your home to the MLS.  As a result, your home will be exposed to every agent in the State of Colorado.


                  c.   Flyers:  Professionally create, produce and distribute a flyer for local real estate offices and general advertising purposes.


                  d.   Just Listed Postcards:  Professionally create, produce and distribute just listed postcards to the surrounding neighborhood to promote your property.


                  e.   Open Houses:  Hold open houses when appropriate.


                  f.   Internet Exposure:  Expose your home to millions of potential Buyers through the power of the worldwide web.


                  g.   Agent rapport:  I strive to motivate agents to show and sell your property through my own personal contacts.  I constantly work to maintain a high rapport with the working agents in our area.





                  I will:


                   a.   Keep my communication with you honest and will not tell you something just because you want to hear it.


                   b.   Verbally keep in touch at least once a week as my work for you progresses.


                   c.   Provide a summary every month to fully inform you of all facts of the progression of your property:  what I’ve accomplished, marketing, feedback, etc.


                   d.   Be available when contacted, to present any offer that is written on your property.


                   e.   Qualify all purchasers to the best of my ability.


                   f.   Keep current on market conditions so I can provide you with sound advice when considering an offer.





                  I will:


                   a.   Constantly keep you informed as to the progress of your sale from the time of signing until t he closing.


                  b.   Work hard to handle any situation that may arise with mortgage companies, title companies, appraisers, underwriters, inspectors, purchasers and other agents during the time your property is under contract.


                  c.   Be present at your closing.  This is what we’ve worked to achieve and you’d better believe I’ll be there!



 5.             MY FOLLOW UP


                  I will:


                   a.   Be available during those post-closing days when you’ll be having questions and concerns.


                  b.   Be following up on your transaction after you’ve moved on.  This includes being on my exclusive mailing list, not to mention an occasional phone call just to see how it’s going.




These are the Steps I will take for you to help you achieve your goals.  When and only when you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home, do I receive payment for my services.  I look forward to serving you.