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Military Acronyms


AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service                      MWR Morale, Welfare, Recreation


ACSIM Assistant Chief of Staff for                                      NCO Non-Commissioned Officer


   Installation Management                                                     NOV Notice of Value


AFC Army Family Covenant                                                 NPRC National Personnel Records Center


AFSA Air Force Service Agency                                            OCONUS Outside the Continental United


AHRN Automated Housing Referral Network                          States (includes Alaska and Hawaii)


AIP Assignment Incentive Pay                                               OPTEMPO Pace of Deployment


BAH Basic Allowance For Housing                                       OTH Other Than Honorable Discharge


BAS Basic Allowance for Subsistence                                   PAO Public Affairs Office


BDU Battle Dress Uniform                                                    PBP&E Professional Books, Papers, and


BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters                                               Equipment


BX Base Exchange (Air Force)                                               PCS Permanent Change of Station


CAC Common Access Card                                                   POA Power of Attorney


CDC Child Development Center                                           POV Privately Owned Vehicle


CO Commanding Officer                                                       PPM Personally Procured Move


COE Certificate of Eligibility (VA financing)                        PPO Personal Property Office


COLA Cost-of-Living Adjustment                                        PX Post Exchange (Army)


CONUS Continental United States                                       RAP Relocation Assistance Program


DECA Defense Commissary Agency                                                ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps


DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility                                  SCRA Service members Civil Relief Act


   Reporting System                                                                S&I Special and Incentive Pay


DITY Do-it-Yourself Move                                                   TDY Temporary Duty


DLA Dislocation Allowance                                                   TLE Temporary Living Expenses


DoD Department of Defense                                                 TMO Traffic Management Office,


DPS Defense Personal Property System                                  Transportation Management Office


ETA Expiration of Term of Service                                        TO Transportation Office


FRG Family Readiness Group                                               Tricare Military Health Insurance Provider


HDP Hardship Duty Pay                                                       VA U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs    


HDIP Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay


HFP Hostile Fire Pay


HHG Household Goods


HQ Headquarters


IDP Imminent Danger Pay


LES Leave and Earnings Statement


MALT Monthly Allowance in Lieu of




MCX Marine Corps Exchange


MFH Military Family Housing


MHPI Military Housing Private Initiative


MOB Mobilization


MPR Minimum Property Requirements